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The San Luis Valley Area Extension office provides assistance and programs for citizens in four main areas: Agriculture & Range, Family & Health, Nutrition, and 4-H Youth Development.

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Family, Nutrition & Health

The San Luis Valley Area Extension office offers informal classes for families and adults on food safety, family finance, nutrition, wellness, and parenting.


Weight Loss Classes

This class meets weekly to help provide sound nutritional advice to help participants lose weight in a healthy manner. The class covers dietary basics. We prepare recipes to try during class. Call the Extension Office at 719-852-7381 for information on when classes are held or to organize a class near you.

Dining with Diabetes Classes

This is a class for the diabetic that meets once a week over a 4 week period  We cover how diabetes affects your health, how to make healthy food choices, prepare tasty new recipes. Each class is centered on mealtime. We prepare a complete meal to eat during class. Call the Extension Office at 719-852-7381 for information on when classes are held.

Nutrition Information

A variety of nutrition information is available at the Extension Office, for example, gluten free cooking, weight loss information, the plate method of planning meals, etc.


Strong Bones Classes

Strong Bones is a progressive strength training class for middle to senior aged men and women. Small hand and ankle weights are used to strengthen muscles and increase bone mass. Classes meet Monday, Wednesday and Friday. See the side panel for continuing classes.

Food Safety

Food Preservation Information

Classes and Information on Canning, Pickling, Dehydration, Jam and Jelly Making is available.

Testing of pressure canner dial gauges is available at the Extension Office. Testing is recommended once a year to ensure safety of pressure canner. This testing ensures that the proper temperature is being reached to ensure safety of the product during home canning.

Call the Extension Office at 719-852-7381 to make an appointment to have your dial gauge tested.

Food Safety Works

A four hour food safety class called Food Safety Works is offered for food service workers and cottage food producers. This class covers the basics of safe food preparation, including personal hygiene, cross contamination, time/temperature factors, and proper cleaning and sanitizing.

A fee of $25.00 is charged for the class. Call the Extension Office at 719-852-7381 to sign up for a class or to make arrangement to have your staff trained.


Family Matters Newsletter

Visit our Family Matters’ website. The family Matters newsletter includes a feature article on parenting issues and information on health, physical activity, nutrition, and child safety. The newsletter is available in both English and Spanish.

Parenting Classes

A variety of Parenting Classes are held throughout the Valley. Classes cover basic parenting concepts including early brain development, self-esteem, trust, communication, effective discipline, problem solving, decision-making, and accepting responsibility.

BrainWise Classes

The BrainWise Class teaches parents how to teach children emotional self-regulation and effective decision-making skills.

For information on taking a parenting class, or to schedule a parenting class for your organization, call the Extension Office at 719-852-7381.